Friday, 9 November 2012

The day the All Blacks came to town

On Tuesday we went to Peter Johnstone park to meet  four of the All Blacks. They were Ben franks, Ben Smith, Andrew Hore and Tamiti Ellison. When we got there we had to wait ten minutes because they were having a manly cup of tea. First they said something about themselves then they went off to their tables and big lines were formed.

The first line I  went in to was Andrew Hore. I asked if I could have a hug from Ben Smith and Tamiti  Ellison. I knuckles from Ben Smith. There was a guy there that said we were only allowed one autograph, but I think every one there got four. I had a great time there.  It was getting to see them in real life because I've only seen them on T.V. 

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