Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 16

16 days in and I'm feeling ok, the pain was electrifying at day 4. I'm Casey Walters and I had a never before seen experience. My nail polish is chipped to the core and it was screaming and whimpering for another coat, 12 days ago I wouldn't of even thought of even opening my eyes and to have been stuned by the light, but Dr. Nephew said small activitys like that will be great to ease me back in to daily life. So I did.

I felt so happy, my smile was from ear to ear that hadn't happen in while. Alex my older brothers eyes had opened as far as the've ever gone before, caused by what he had been shocked to see. No one has seen me like this since what happened.

This story is not an experience that I've had, I simply just wanted to do a story that I could express  lots of parts in the story. Also this story will have extended versions also. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

The Brisk Wind, Shining Sun and the Trickling Rain

The brisk wind flew past me like night and day, the sun shining through and spreading the clouds apart. It's not only the wind whisling that soothes me, it's the trickling of rain that falls every couple of days.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Been so Long

Hey Viewers,
To anyone who might be reading. I was looking through some stuff online, and found my old blog that I had created a few years ago. I was looking through all the memories that I had when I was younger, I thought it was so cool looking back on things. I just wanted to know if you guys (if anyone has read this) think I should start writing on my blog again?.

I would love to know what you think, leave comments below with your opinion:)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Fantastic start to 2012

We’ve had a spectacular start to the year.
We’ve had loads of awesome things to do 
for the past four days. Once we got in to 
the class we had an adventure so we could 
find everything. We all joined the wacky 
wiki. We did the scavenger hunt and 
found where everything was in the class 
room. On day 1 Mrs K brought a pillow 
and we did some feather throwing. It was 
extreme fun! It also gave us a message 
about when you say something mean 
you can never get your words back 
which was a really good reminderIt 
was really good seeing our friends again 
and catching up and seeing what they 
were doing and where they have been!
By Ciara and Zara

Being a presenter - at ted2012

Today we went to TED day and I was a 

presenter.  It was really fun. I did big huge labs. 

I did it with Zara. Doing it was really fun and you 

got to help and guide your group on the site, it 

was just like being a teacher. They had net

 books so everyone had a computer but there

partners to share the computers. It was a really 

good thing to do because you got to learn 

different things like sketch up, dinolites and

 prezi. I never knew that there was even such 

thing but now I do so it was a great day, and all

of the presenters did really well. I really hope I 

could do it again and be a presenter and do 

something different. When I was a presenter I 

felt really confident in myself and I thought that I 

did well in helping and explaining what it was

 and what you could do with the site and just 

making really creative fun things.  I hope I could 

attend again.

And a big thank you to Mrs Mac.


She likes to eat pizza, earth rice and moon pebbles. Her hobbies are collecting rocks and being fabulous. She likes to play space sports - Venus Volley ball, Neptune Netball, Stature Soccer. She is made of Bean cans Metal Springs.

Melltallica 1

Metallica comes from a long lost planet in space but noone knows what that planet is called or where it is. She likes to eat pizza, earth rice and moon pebbles. Her hobbies are collecting rocks and being fabulous. She likes to play space sports - Venus Volley ball, Neptune Netball, Stature Soccer. She has lots of different body parts and very strange to be exact.

I hope that if this story get out the they will be thrilled that they have found a new planet.

P.S I don't think that Metallica will be too happy with me, so let's keep it on the down low...