Monday, 19 November 2012

Taieri Gorge Train

On Tuesday we went on the Taieri Gorge Train and it went to Pukerangi and from Dunedin. It was four hours all together because it was two hours there and two hours back. When you were on the train you got a good view of all of the big mountains and the old bridges, but the bad thing was that the food stall was on the other side of the train so you have to walk through all the other cabins and walk through people talking and kids playing. You were wrecked by the time that you got back. We stopped a few times to take pictures and look at all of the nature that was around us. I found that it was a very educational ride because there was a guy telling us about history and why things are called that. The guy told us that Mosgiel is the most growing town in New Zealand.  You have to hold on the bars and walk backwards because a lady was walking down forward she tripped and fell onto the gravel and had to be rushed in to hospital.There is a hill called one tree hill because it only has one tree on it and it is on right on the top of the hill.

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