Friday, 9 November 2012

Fun of all Fairs

On Sunday morning I went to Balclutha for my Gym Competition. I came 1st for floor and 2nd for valet. Then we headed for home and  I went to the fair. I was so hot in my tracksuit but that didn’t stop me from having lots of fun. 

At the fair there was a triage tent so I scampered over. Georgia, Zara, Mia and I got big scar on my face and a bruise on my other eye. They all looked so real.  They really did do a good job. It was like I came back from Afghanistan.

Georgia, Zara and I went on the Caterpillar we got to explore a different world in there. There a mountain object when you first go in of course I fell down it, typical! 


  1. well done Ciara ,great job

  2. Ciara Georgia and Kayla came in to my house battered and bruised , I got an awful fright...I was relieved to find out it was make up
    Bridget Boyne-Lawlor