Monday, 19 November 2012

Being a presenter - at ted2012

Today we went to TED day and I was a 

presenter.  It was really fun. I did big huge labs. 

I did it with Zara. Doing it was really fun and you 

got to help and guide your group on the site, it 

was just like being a teacher. They had net

 books so everyone had a computer but there

partners to share the computers. It was a really 

good thing to do because you got to learn 

different things like sketch up, dinolites and

 prezi. I never knew that there was even such 

thing but now I do so it was a great day, and all

of the presenters did really well. I really hope I 

could do it again and be a presenter and do 

something different. When I was a presenter I 

felt really confident in myself and I thought that I 

did well in helping and explaining what it was

 and what you could do with the site and just 

making really creative fun things.  I hope I could 

attend again.

And a big thank you to Mrs Mac.

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