Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Visit from Belind

Today in class we had a special guest come in to talk to us from St John. First she talked about bleeding noses and what we should do. Aaliyah was the chosen volunteer and Belinda dabbed some fake blood around her nose. She said to lean your head forward and hold the soft part of your nose for 10-20 minutes and if your nose bleeds for longer than 20 minutes you need to go to the doctor and get it checked. After a nose bleed don't pick, poke, blow or sniff.
Next we did bee stings. You have to scrape the bee sting out carefully so that you don't squeeze the poison into yourself.
Then we focused on slings, Zara was the demonstrator to show us how to tie a sling on someone. After we got to see how to tie them we got to do it on each other.
Then we learnt about grazes and when they start to bleed and when they do how to clean it and put a plaster on. You cannot dab and wipe you have to be careful and make sure that you get all of the stones, dirt, grass and other things that cause infection. Thomas was the volunteer for grazes. Thomas had to think of something that he had done to have caused the bleeding.
Ciara was the last one to show that you need to wear a helmet on a skateboard and a bike and a scooter or you can get very hurt. Ciara had to pretend she had fallen off a skateboard and broke her arm and she had a big scratch on her arm and it was bleedings and we learnt to never move some one even if she was on the road because you can get the cars to go round the person.
At the end of the session we had to get a partner to pretend that we fall off the skateboard and needed to check if there was any blood on the person. 

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  1. It looks so real that was hilarious