Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My life as a glercan

Hi my name is Seamus and I am a glercan I had the worst day ever a bunch of red english leprocons came and destroyed my house. I live in a tree house. I love to eat rainbow dust and gercans. In my spare time I like to go and collect gold coins and chase squrils. This is a fact that is possibly true that I am more lucky that a shamrock. My friends are Annie, Santana, Dainty and Jenny most of them are bigger than me except Santana she is a giuinae pig. But on the bright side annie is taking me for a ride around town she is picking me up at the top of my house, How exciting. My school by the way is called st patricks villa. I like to hang out in the woods with my friends in the woods and well we are not really allowed be there because are parents think we might get hurt. Me and santana are going out shopping but i am still thinking about what happend this morring I bet those buliders are drinking coffee and relaxing. Santana came home and we started to collect gold coins there was not that many and i was wondering what had happened to all of them, Those red english leprocons Oh I forgot to tell you about them. well when the english people came to Ireland our country and took some of the leprocons and turned the evil with a red and white potion so know they turn agenst there own country lots of familys were desroed that day. But how Irish people love potatos is a whole other story that I will get in to later but for now we are learning about me.

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