Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 16

16 days in and I'm feeling ok, the pain was electrifying at day 4. I'm Casey Walters and I had a never before seen experience. My nail polish is chipped to the core and it was screaming and whimpering for another coat, 12 days ago I wouldn't of even thought of even opening my eyes and to have been stuned by the light, but Dr. Nephew said small activitys like that will be great to ease me back in to daily life. So I did.

I felt so happy, my smile was from ear to ear that hadn't happen in while. Alex my older brothers eyes had opened as far as the've ever gone before, caused by what he had been shocked to see. No one has seen me like this since what happened.

This story is not an experience that I've had, I simply just wanted to do a story that I could express  lots of parts in the story. Also this story will have extended versions also. 

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