Saturday, 1 September 2012


I am alone and frightened, my owner has abandoned me at a rubbish disposal site. I hear just flowing traffic, horns beeping. I have no food. How am I supposed to live around here? I am starving. I am going to look for some food.  I am walking across the road not caring what will happen to me because I am unwanted. My fur is scruffy. I’m so dirty. Who knows what is roaming around on my skin right now? I am hoping that someone will see me and will recognize that I am trembling in the cold and freezing weather.

Finally there is something ahead, I see lights flashing. They are kids. They come over to me. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared; they run off and come back with a box. They try to get me in the box, so I get in. I hear lots of voices saying “what’s in the box?’’

A few days later…
I am in some sort of car.  We pull up and I get out. I see a yard with lots of dogs. I don’t think is going to end well… Some of the dogs have jackets on. It’s kind of like they’re training. I look down and I have a collar and it says “Jude’’. All of that work of being a stray was worth it. Now I have a loving family. I can also help other dogs that are a stray.

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